What is a cryptocurrency and why should mums and dads care?

The way I see it, there are two immediate reasons why I, as a parent, care about cryptocurrencies.
Firstly, right now you can start earning money and spending it.

There’s more and more retailers accepting cryptocurrencies and it is a simple and secure way to do business with low to nil transaction costs – a saving that can be passed on to the consumer and reduce the overheads for the would-be merchant. Additionally, with a small value coin like Reddcoin, we might see the microtipping revolution that could lead to artists and social commentators being paid directly for their contributions, rather than through the clouded and costly lens of management and middle men.

Speaking of a revolution:

Secondly, as parents we often wonder about the future. What sort of legacy am I leaving my sons? What will the world look like when they are older? I’m taking a gamble on crypto because I think people do want to move away from Big Banking. There are people in nations less fortunate than my own who need to get money in and out of their country quickly and without involving the banks. A decentralised, purely digital currency facilitates that. There’s a part of me that hopes the value of the small holding of coins I have will grow and be of use to my kids, but more so I want for them a world in which banks are not the sole holders of wealth. A world where creativity isn’t measured against profitably metrics in order to be produced, distributed and rewarded.

This blog will be an attempt to frame cryptocurrencies in light of what they offer families: freedom, financially and socially. I aim to present the argument that crypto isn’t just for tech heads and the dark net. It is poised to be as simple and widespread as email became, so let’s end this post by considering the following quote from Nicholas Cary, Blockchain.info CEO, that  Perianne Boring gives in her excellent Forbes article:

“People everyday of their lives use email, they probably have no idea how it works under the covers, but they use it because it’s simple, free, easy, and allows them to send messages anywhere in the world for free. It’s the same thing with Bitcoin, send money anywhere in the world for free.”

Sent an email today?


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