Sick! Or how being housebound made me keen for the future.

Everyone is sick at the moment. Baby has recovered from his mild fever already (the benefits of still feeding) but the eldest has had a bad outbreak of impetigo and I have been feverish and weak all day. We got the eldest to the doctors for a round of oral antibiotics and between the cost of actually seeing  the doc and the cost of medicine, the bank account was cleared out. It occurred to me, as I sweated and moaned on the lounge, that if the supermarkets accepted bitcoin I could have had groceries ordered in.

That’s the thing about being house bound, for whatever reason, you suddenly realise how limiting traditional payment methods can be. With a nil balance on my debit account, the only other option for at-home spending was the credit card. Costly interest rates have made that my absolute last resort. In the end I got up and spent cash in-store, but I can tell you now I would have preferred to stay in my cocoon and pay online to have someone else deliver.

Every day it seems we get news of a new retailer accepting bitcoin. I look forward to the future when online payments are not controlled exclusively by credit cards and paypal. Greater choice in payment methods only benefits the consumer. Less choice only benefits Amex and co.


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