I’m Melissa (u/meIissa on reddit).

About a year ago (gosh!) I left my very busy job in a sailing club’s kitchen on maternity leave with my second son, determined that things were going to be different.

You see, I felt like I had missed out on something with my first son in having returned to work so quickly, I had felt hurried along every day since I returned to work when he was three months old. I thought I’d missed out on valuable time with him. I had work guilt and mummy guilt and the only cure was to step back and say no. No more.

I considered not returning at all and I started to think about how I could bring in some money without leaving the house. It seemed like I would be attached to the youngest forever! Even though I’d been through it all before, those first three months can still feel like an unending tunnel.

Slowly that time passed. As I started to pull away from the little kiddo and start brushing my hair and thinking about dressing nicely again, I started to think about e-commerce a lot. Mostly because I wanted just one pretty dress.

I’ve loved shopping online since the time most online retailers were little more than an order form and a telephone number. We’ve all seen it grow. Now I can order groceries from a stored list and a mouse click. I’ve replaced a lost nintendo power cord at a fraction of the cost through a Chinese ebay store. Watched as more and more ladies fashion retailers launched a website with a silky flash interface. Every shop has an app.

It was the obvious choice for both making money and being able to shop without upsetting kiddo’s routine, but I did have doubts. I wondered how many people had my credit card info. I had seen first hand how toothless paypal dispute resolution could be. And in a moment of great serendipity I found other people were arriving at the same question: How can we make digital transactions better?

I was too slow to be a bitcoin billionaire, but this is only the beginning. There are today a variety of crypto-currencies available. Bitcoin is just one. What the future holds for all these coins depends upon so many different things. This blog is just a place to post things that I learn about crypto-currencies in an effort to tease out what that future might be.


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