3 months on: We return from the briny deep.

How easy it was to blog with a newborn, to balance him across one arm and the lap top on the opposing leg and ruminate and, slowly, type.
The past 3 months have seen him find his feet, start climbing and – right at this minute I can hear him throwing something at his brother. My sweet angel has turned into a cheeky devil and I am struggling to contain him! Blogging fell to the way side. I’ve only just started working on my shop again. What has been working was my reddcoin.

You see, even when I had no time for anything, reddcoin was busy. Quietly striding along the other altcoins and, with PoSV, pushing past. See how our babies are growing?
I could talking teething troubles, baby and new wallet, but at least I can come to the forums or the sub for help with the coin. Good luck getting that for the baby. There’s no delete sub-folder txleveldb on that tooth.

What I’ve decided to do instead is look at the positives, and to give something positive back. Colour is eye catching, right? And Reddcoin’s logo is very colourful. So I thought I’d give a shout out to reddcoin each day, with a brightly coloured picture from around my part of the world.

Yesterday I tweeted a quick shot of the birds carpeting out back, today one of the many murals from around my town.

And a special one just for you guys:

Can be trained to attack your neighbours mango tree. Can not be deterred from attacking your mango tree.

For generations we have grown fluffy cockatoos from seed, using only heirloom Squawk varietal. Sow in June to harvest mid-September.